Why Your Factory or Warehouse is So Hot & Unbearable?

Rising Temperature & Hotter Weather

Rising temperature and ever-warming climate become the key contributor of heat to factories and warehouse.

Heat Coming from Machinery & Equipment

Heat released from machines and equipment would make your workplace more hot and unbearable.

Most of the heat coming from oven, furnace, boiler, steamer, generator, CNC machines, motor, pump and etc.

Human Activities

Human activities would also making your factories or warehouse warmer.

Activities such as welding, grinding, cutting, fabrication and etc. Most of the time, workers’ uniform would make the condition worse.

Factory Ventilation Design

Lack of considering natural ventilation during design & build stage would cost factory owner a lot in the later stage.

Without sufficient natural ventilation, a lot of stale air will build up and make the workplace uneasy for work.

Benefits of Having Solar Industrial Wall Exhaust Fan

Avoid Health Risk

Improve Productivity

Prevent Equipment Failure

Reduce Electricity

Comfortable Workplace & Employee Retention

Company Reputation